Tuesday, 26 February 2013

International Living History Fair February 2013

Another marathon  trip up to Bruntingthorpe in Leicestershire completed. As well as loading, a 4 hour drive, set up and open by noon, it always seems to be bleak, icy and this time snowing, at Bruntingthorpe. Fortunately thanks to Dave and the lovely friendly team from PASTE it was warm enough in the aircraft hanger where the show takes place.
This time I was next to Dressing History, awith their beautiful bonnets, and also sat with Vickyfrom Aquerna Fabricae,  her mum in the most gorgeous, warm, fur trimmed medieval gown,which I WANT and Bayley Heritage Castings. 

The stall is far more streamlined this year but there's still plenty to buy.  Cloaks were popular - due to the weather no doubt - it really wasn't the weather for light muslin gowns at all. I wore my 18th century caracao jacket throughout and it was extremely warm and comfortable. Of course I managed plenty of shopping as well. I was delighted to finally find the perfect lacing cords for jackets and stays, from Lucy the Tudor.  It isn't actually making the cords that is a problem, but finding and attaching small, smooth aiglets, and Lucy's ones are perfect.

I took my recently completed silk-sari fantasy/18th Century polonaise with me this time as a showpiece - not without some trepidation as it hasn't quite got the authentic look - but it was not as heavily criticised as I had feared. Of course finding the occasion to wear something like that is hard - no good in a muddy field, but it is available in wool and linen as well.

The whole outfit is in 4 pieces: top petticoat/skirt and then either open or closed overdress or jacket, stays or bodice, and stomacher, so pieces can be bought separately and it can all be worn mix-and-match winter or summer. Buying the whole thing in one go really  is quite an investment.

 I found some lovely wools and linens for more practical items, and I also managed an ash wood chopping board and a trivet for myself, for camping season, and fresh supplies of Plague Rats for the Plymouth cats.

All in all another inspiring weekend, with lots of good people and nice chats - oh and will the lady who bought the lilac linen dress please please get in touch?!!? - I have found more of the fabric but can't find you on the trader's list. More soon - got to get sewing!


  1. I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award: http://asartorialstatement.blogspot.com/2013/03/my-first-blog-award.html

  2. Wow! thanks! hope I do inspire people - lots of the blogs I follow inspirne me and its great to know I'm not the only costume nut out there.
    BTW - the lady who bought the lilac linen did get in touch - Result!